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Vaishali Semiconductor -- ICs for Broadband and Wireless Networking
Founded: Jan 1999
Status: Private
Issue(s): 12/00
1300 White Oaks Road
Campbell, CA 95008
Tel: 408/377-6060
Fax: 408/377-6063

Vinod Bhardwaj, the founder Kalpana, and Dr. David Sear founded Vaishali in 1999 to develop ICs for broadband and wireless networking. The company has established design centers in China and India. Vaishali has raised $6 million from ControlNet, Vinod Bhardwaj's incubator company. Additional capital will be raised soon. Vaishali has 14 employees.

Vaishali is focused on developing Bluetooth and broadband transceivers ICs, although it has developed a family of digital logic and timing management products to quickly generate revenues and shake out its operational expertise. The Broadband Networking and Communications product line currently includes a 1062.5 MBaud Fibre Channel Transceiver and a Gigabit Ethernet Transceiver. The Fibre Channel transceiver provides a physical layer interface solution for 1062.5 MBaud Fibre Channel or proprietary links. The IEEE 802.3z (fiber) compliant Gigibit Ethernet SERDES performs all the functions of the Physical Medium Attachment (PMA) portion of the Physical layer. Both devices come from the same 0.35u die. Samples are expected early next year.

A 2.5Gbps backplane transceiver is in development and will be fabricated on a 0.18u process. First silicon is expected in several months. A 10 Gigabit Ethernet transceiver is in development, based on the emerging quad 3.125 Gbps 10GE standard. This device will be fabricated at TSMC on a 0.18u RF CMOS process with a test chip expected in December. OC-48, OC-192, Infiniband, and Fibrechannel derivatives of the transceivers may be developed as well. Vaishali will entertain IP licensing of its transceiver designs.

Vaishali is developing a Bluetooth controller and radio and has signed licensing agreements to secure Bluetooth software and hardware technologies with a partner based in Europe. The Blueband Bluetooth controller integrates an ARC3 32b RISC processor, 32kB SRAM, USB, UART, and GPIO interfaces, CVSD Transcoder with PCM and codec interfaces, memory interface, and a programmable FHSS radio interface. Dedicated BlueBand logic implements forward error correction, whitening, encryption, HEC and CRC. The device will be fabricated on a 0.18u CMOS process and will operate from 12 - 32MHz using a 1.8V supply. The device is supplied with BlueBand Firmware for the protocol stack and Bluetooth profiles. The BlueBand radio transceiver integrates filters, VCO/PLL, mod/demod, and timing recovery in a 0.18u CMOS process operating at 0.18V. The device does not require any external IF filters and integrates a +4dBm power amp that supports class 2 & 3 (0dBm) applications. Class 1 applications can be supported with an external PA. First silicon for the radio transceiver is expected in February with the baseband controller scheduled to tape-out in February.

To generate revenues quickly and to prove its manufacturing prowess, Vaishali has developed several Digital Logic and Timing Management products based on the founders' market knowledge. Timing Management product include a Low Phase Noise VCXO and Clock Synthesizer, Set Top Box PLL Clock Synthesizer, and a 125MHz PLL Clock Synthesizer. Digital Logic products include a 3.3V Quad Bus Switch, 3.3V Dual 4:1 and Quad 2:1 Mux/Demux Voltage Translators, and 5V Dual 4-bit and Octal Bus Switches. TSMC fabricates Vaishali's ICs. The company is currently seeking reps. worldwide.

Dr. David Sear, President and CEO (previously held senior executive and CEO positions with Quality Semiconductor, Integrated Circuit Systems, Catalyst, and Fujitsu Microelectronics)

Suren Kodical, VP of Engineering (previously held senior engineering management positions with Quality, IDT, and AMD.

Tony Sa, Director of Sales (previously developed sales programs for Quality, ICT, Catalyst, VLSI Technology, Fujitsu Micro, Schweber and others)

Chris Stacey, Director of Engineering for Bluetooth Products (previously VP of Engineering for WebGear)

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