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Since 1997, Semiconductor Times has been the definitive source for discovering emerging semiconductor technologies and companies. Each issue profiles myriad emerging companies that are leading the way with the hottest technologies. Action-oriented – in a concise, no-nonsense format – Semiconductor Times provides contact information and abridged news for busy execs. Senior industry executives, investment bankers, and VCs worldwide covet our newsletter.

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Who reads Semiconductor Times? Senior industry executives, venture capitalists, investment bakers, financial analysts, distributors, VARs, suppliers, recruiters, and more. Here’s what our readers have to say:

"Semiconductor Times has given us loads of high-quality leads. We’re still relative newcomers to the publication and we’ve already signed several hot new lines. Compared to the revenue these signings will generate, your publication is an incredible bargain." Arie Vered, President, Accord Technologies, Israel

"It’s vital that I stay current with promising startups and breaking technologies. Semiconductor Times gives me the information I need quickly and comprehensively. There’s no wasted time." Art Sidorsky, President & COO, Standard Microsystems Corporation

"Our Emerging Vendor Program depends on solid information about semiconductor startups, and your publication gives us exactly the kind of pre-screened insight we need. Anyone in the industry who needs to monitor the pulse of the startups – and not waste time with the dogs – should be reading Semiconductor Times. Your phone support and personalized service are an added incentive to sign up." Edward D’Entremont, Senior Vice President – Marketing, Sager Electronics

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"Semiconductor Times is the most comprehensive source for information on private chip companies." John Marren, Managing Director, Morgan Stanley Technology Investment Banking

"We operate in an extremely competitive environment, with startups gunning to catch established companies by surprise. I know, because NeoMagic’s success caught a lot of our competitors off guard. Semiconductor Times allows me to keep current on who’s who in our industry, and it does a very good job of identifying who might be our potential competitors and who we may want to be partnering with. " Prakash Agarwal, former President & CEO, NeoMagic Corporation

"Semiconductor Times has become, for me, a comprehensive and detailed list of semi startups that can make a difference. It's not every idea that comes over the transom - instead, it's only the ones that have had some validation, described in a very informative and succinct way. I wouldn't miss it." Larry Walker, former President & CEO, C-Port and VP & GM, NPSG; VP, Strategy, NPSG at Motorola/Freescale

"Semiconductor Times provides in-depth coverage of new ventures and identifies the key players in the firms long before the traditional trade press. . .an invaluable asset in developing new business contacts with tomorrow’s ‘star’ performers." David Gillooly, Director – Corporate Marketing, IMP, Inc.

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